The Legendary Shack Shakers - Cockadoodledon't

This one is for you sister, thanx for bringing good vibes from far away!

A fun and catchy totum revolutum of country, bluegrass, gypsy, punk rock, ska...



Thai pop spectacular (Siamese Soul Vol. 1)

Even you don´t care, I´ve just found a didgeridoo thrown away in my way back home, a musical gift from the Gods.
More Thai pop, jazz, rock, funk rarities for the curious and the conaisseur.

get it from mediafire... verde que te quiero verde


Sir Robert Charles Griggs - The Legend Of

I downloaded this only because I found the folder fun and the man looks like an odd friend o mine.
I don´t regret at all.  A surprisingly fresh stravaganza.
Get it from mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/?ap34but3nbd936c

Siamese Soul [Thai pop spectacular vol. 2 1960´s - 1980´s]

A precious rarity for your bizarre guateque de la pradera.
Go on sister and get it at mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/?qnsk8babqg2ggl5


Nebula - Lowrider (Split)

Pack your weapon and, lighter in hand, you´ll play it and then play it again and again. Remind me some of the old Kyuss.


Pata Negra - S/T

Year 1981, the first album by Pata Negra. The foundations of spanish gipsy rock.

1- Los managers
2- Guitarras callejeras
3- Blues de los niños
4- La llaga
5- Bulerías de Menoría
6- Rock del Cayetano
7- Bulerías del aire
8- Mama
9- Tarántula



Pata Negra - Guitarras callejeras

Pata Negra, the real flamenco blues band from Spain. One of my favourite bands ever, they have such a disctintive sound, a wicked combination and/or alternation between flamenco, rhumba, blues and rock. They got it! Here the song "Ratitas divinas", maybe the best song by Pata Negra.



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I can´t do everything


Merle Travis - Walking the strings

22 tunes by the king of the twangy guitar. Enjoy uncle Merle playing rags, blues, trots, stomps and more.


Roy Smeck plays Hawaiian Guitar, Banjo, Ukelele and Guitar.

Released in 1992, this is a compilation of rags, stomps and songs from back in the period 1926-1949. Really old and enjoyable stuff.

Get it from rapidsearch:


The Magic Ukulele of Roy Smeck

The Ukelele Maestro of all time, it´s unbelieveable the perfect sound and execution even at high speeds.
He was a virtuoso at guitar ,banjo and many other stringed instruments too. So indeed he was nicknamed "the wizard of the strings". Smeck invented and endorsed the Vita-Uke and other stringed instruments, and made over 500 recordings for several companies.