Teenage Bottlerocket - They came from the shadows

Cuarto disco de la banda. ENLACE BORRADO POR EL SERVIDOR


01. Skate Or Die
02. Don’t Want To Go
03. Bigger Than Kiss
04. Do What?
05. Not OK
06. Forbidden Planet
07. Call In Sick
08. Fatso Goes Nutzoid
09. Without You
10. Tonguebiter
11. Be With You
12. The Jerk
13. They Came From The Shadows
14. Todayo

Teenage Bottlerocket - Warning device

01. Bottlerocket
02. In The Basement
03. Gave You My Heart
04. She's Not The One
05. Pacemaker
06. Social Life
07. Welcome To The Nuthouse
08. Anna's Song
09. On My Own
10. Totally Stupid
11. Crawling Back To You
12. Warning Device
13. Wasting Time

Teenage Bottlerocket - Total


2.So Cool
3.Stupid Games
4.Fall For Me
6.Lost In Space
7.Go Away
9.Blood Bath At Burger King
11.Repeat Offender
12.A Bomb
13.So Far Away

Teenage Bottlerocket - Another way

Banda de Laramie, Wyoming. Punk rock fresco, directo y sin pretensiones, ramoneros a muerte. En la onda de The Riverdales, los mejores The Queers y Screechin´Weasel.

Descarga repelada del blog de k-xi, buen sitio para encontrar hardcore y punk guapo y poco conocido.


01. Be Stag
02. Patrick
03. Go-Go
04. She Can't Think
05. Senior Prom
06. Mini Skirt
07. Pull The Plug
08. Rebound
09. Oppurtunity
10. Rathead
11. Another Way