Soul Jazz records - Dub Echoes Soundtrack

A journey from th birth of Dub in Jamaica to our days. Featuring artists and producers like King Tubby, Lee "Scratch" Perry, U-Roy... Mad Proffessor, Thievery Corporation, Roots Manuva...

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Anonymous said...

repost the fucking link!

belisario said...

start a blog and repost it yourself, later on go fuck and refuck yourself, you idiot

Anonymous said...

thanks for the attempted post. I just returned from tour with my band Grand Analog. We had a compilation with us that contained "King in my Empire". I am now doing my research on the history of the song. I'm having a hard time finding both the dvd and ost. Please do repost when you have the time.

much thanks!

belisario said...

hello mate. SOrry but this blog is no longer active.
I would recomend to get the album in torrent, but still hard to find