No news from the dark side of the Force

Till the present moment, I here, Belisario 77, haven´t recieved any notification from the demece hey nor from the reading glasses, so as I´m sure I´m not doing anything wrong, may they forget this place? at least for a while?

 I declare: This blog is not a pirate ship, stealing stuff and making disgraceful profit. I share here what I want you to listen to, cause I think it´s wicked. In the blog description, I reccomend you all to buy records and stuff if you think so. I often buy some vinyl records myself and swap a few too maybe.
Once I had the brilliant  idea of counting all the money I had been investing, spending or just wasting in records, CD´s ,music videos... and as huge.
And all you people more or less like me. We have been feedin the record industry for ages, buying every month, every week, when possible, and wearing the soles out at concerts and festivals, and many still so.
How can anybody call us pirates for exchanging some doubtful quality mp3´s???

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dissonancies said...

Pirates? Pirates are the fucking politicians, the banks... man!
This fucking blog is not Pirat, is fucking good and amuing.

Anonymous said...

I love this place. Sharing rare music and records to many younger generations is NOT piracy, its guiding them on the right path to new ideas and the wonders of music and art! Many people cannot find or have money to buy these records. Many Lps do not exist anymore! Without these recordings the future looks gray and lifeless.
THANKS for sharing with the world.

belisario said...